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House cleaning never made anyone feel special and it requires several hours of a persons time. Of course at the end of it you will have a perfectly clean home, but keeping it in this pristine condition is simply exhausting, unless you decide to call on some help in the form of professional cleaners. The same applies to offices and here hiring expert cleaners is vital especially for those who have to work in the Greater London area. Using these trained cleaners from The Red Carpet you will elleviate quite a lot of stress as you will know that your working environment is healthy. We offer you reliable and honest cleaners who you will be able to entrust the cleaning of your offices to without any doubt. We treat all of our clients as if they are VIPs and you will not need to lift a single finger while our cleaning crews are in charge of keeping your properties clean.

Book your cleaning crew via 020 3397 8626 without any further delay. If you are a housewife using our domestic services you will get to put your feet up; while our corporate office managers can go about their day without worrying about who should have cleaned the reception area. Furthermore, we will take great care not to scratch or damage any furnishings while we are cleaning and any documents will be safely put back into place after dusting and cleaning has been completed.

As Greater London comprises mainly of office buildings, this what our main tasks are in this area. It is the administrative area, ceremonial country and falls in the London region of England. Basically it has the City of London, 32 London boroughs in total. It occupies the exact same area as the London European Parliament constituency. It is not a city as such but was granted city status by the Crown; but is defined as a county. Normally London is used to refer to Greater London but seldom to the small City of London. It is divided into regions and includes parts of the Metropolitan Green Belt. Naturally, the area sees severe traffic, however it does also offer trains, tube and rail travel as well as London busses. Attraction will include all the surrounding N, S, W, NW and SW as well as E postcode areas' sights and attractions. So Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, The Green Mile, and of course all those irressitable museums in London all offer some unique outings and entertainment. However, any one wanting to be in this area alone for several days should probably have a keen interest in political issues. Greater London boasts a serious and fun side for any one to come and experience. These scales here could always be tipped.

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Proper cleaning is not just simply a quick sweep, it involves much more; comprehensive cleaning is what our expertise is every The Red Carpet employee knows it means that you cannot leave any area untouched. Every speck of dust must be eliminated in its entirety; one area we pay specific attention to when cleaning is your kitchen, cleaning here has our experts degreasing the surfaces and floors with our specialized hi-tech equipment. All of our equipment is used together with anti-bacterial detergents that serve to kill any harmful bacteria that might be lurking around. As soon as you have made your decision it is simply a matter of knowing that you have made a perfect choice. You can contact us on 020 3397 8626. Of course, we know you will fall in love with us; but everyone deserves to feel like someone special, even if it is just done through a professional cleaning company taking over all of your chores.

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Our Testimonials
Brian 16/10/2019
When I hired The Red Carpet for upholstery cleaning at my house in Greater London, I never could have imagined that they would be one of my favourite companies. They are real professionals.
Karissa 16/10/2019
I have used The Red Carpet for a while now in Greater London. It is always great to have them around. I have never doubted their efficiency and ability to deliver.
Hallie 15/08/2019
Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you can completely rely on. The Red Carpet gives you that and much more. They always arrive punctually, do as you have agreed they should, and polite. We have been having them clean our offices for us in Greater London. They have also been cleaning my home for a while now. They are the best.
Janet 14/11/2019
The Red Carpet spring cleaning service is way better than the company I previously hired in Greater London. I highly recommend them.
Chris 14/08/2019
I have always been impressed with The Red Carpet in Greater London for their cleaning expertise. The never miss a spot.