The cleaner was amazing. Very polite, arrived earlier, and did a great job. I've used The Red Carpet Cleaners regularly and will stick with them.    
Fallon Allison18/07/2024

       Outstanding staff who excelled in very warm conditions. Their professionalism was impressive, and they skillfully handled the mess.    
Casey B.08/07/2024

       Professional service with stellar performance, highly recommend.    
Chrysta T.20/06/2024

       Friendly employees, always punctual, and their cleaning is first-rate.    
Alex B.10/06/2024

       The ease of arranging frequent cleanings with this company can't be beat and the phenomenal cleaner they chose did an excellent job every time.    

       The window cleaning surpassed my expectations.    

       Even hard-to-reach areas were not overlooked in their thorough clean.    
Geoffrey H.30/03/2024

        Cleaning Company London exceeds expectations every time with their reliable and satisfactory cleaning services.    

       I am grateful to have chosen Cleaners Company for my cleaning needs.    

       They provided efficient and professional service that surpassed my expectations.    
Kayley W.19/02/2024

       My experience with this company was fantastic, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others. They'll definitely be hearing from me again when it's time for another carpet clean.    
Shelly Carter09/02/2024

       The punctuality and dedication exhibited by the team was impressive and greatly appreciated.    
Poonam Ghudur30/01/2024

       My carpets have never looked better, all thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team at Cleaners Company.    
Gillian W.20/01/2024

       I couldn't be happier with the cleaner's services! My carpet looks rejuvenated and the difficult stain is nowhere in sight thanks to her skills. She was also incredibly friendly and I will definitely employ this service once more.    
Linda Palmer 18/12/2023

       Our cleaner has provided us with exceptional service - very attentive to detail and always willing to help out where needed. Furthermore, she's been so pleasant to have around!    
Lucy T.26/07/2023

       It was a great job cleaning my upholstery. Thanks to the efficient cleaners from The Red Carpet, the house is now ready for tenants!    
Veronica Kelly06/04/2023

       Today, utilising Cleaning Services's assistance has become a very pleasurable expertise inside general.. A minor problem occurred having said that in terms of timings yet still these people alerted us by way of text message earlier therefore we might plan appropriately if perhaps necessary.. Other than that however , almost everything ran easily - along with full completion created upon my personal flat; typically becoming approximately method more compared with what will be taken normally.. Furthermore, communication proved effective since personnel had been very fluent inside English language - thus handling all kinds of things according towards prearranged target--leaving behind us an extremely contented buyer indeed ! Which is why without doubt advise other people seeking similar support in future !     
Alicia Smith24/01/2023

        Cleaners Company were punctual and on time. They also have the best prices in the area. The cleaners were very professional, and they didn't mind answering my questions. Loved them!    

       I'm no housekeeper, so when I found The Red Carpet, who gave me a great deal, I jumped at the chance to hire them. They're very good cleaners.    
Chelsea Robbins03/07/2019

       Great cleaners!    

        Cleaning Services are my regular cleaning company and they always do a very good job. Have recommended them to friends who also agree.    
Sean Clives10/06/2019

       Good experience using Cleaners Company for a recent rug cleaning. The results were very good, and the price was reasonable.    
Carolyn Arnus17/05/2019

       Big props to the amazing cleaners that handled my cleaning jobs the other day. Cleaning Company London can be proud to have such individuals as part of their workforce.    
Ana K.12/04/2019

       My house was in dire need of a professional cleaning service. I did my research and came across The Red Carpet. I'm so glad that I did. The team that arrived did a terrific job. There was a lot of work that needed doing but their cleaners handled everything without any issues. It was a pleasure welcoming them into my house and watching them get to work. I'll certainly be hiring their services again should I ever need to.    
Ben F.13/03/2019

       I rate The Red Carpet and their cleaners incredibly highly. It was a fabulous service.    
Ana H.08/02/2019

       This carpet cleaning company were terrific. It was the first time that I'd used The Red Carpet and they certainly came up trumps. There was a pretty nasty stain on my carpet. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it. I didn't want to make the matter worse either. Thankfully this company were on hand. The service was cheap and professional and they got rid of the stain in no time at all.    
Charles K.16/01/2019

       Very happy with the quality of the carpet cleaning from The Red Carpet Cleaners. Thorough and fast, and pleased with price.    
Daniel Farad28/11/2018

       I hired Cleaning Services because I needed help with a big cleaning job in my property. I'd just had an event and my house was in a real state. There was far too much for me to rectify by myself. I needed professional cleaners. I certainly got that when I hired this company. They did a tremendous job. They cleaned my house from top to bottom and left everything spick and span. I can't thank the team enough for all the effort they put in.    
Katie P.09/10/2018

       After searching for an inexpensive cleaning service, I chose The Red Carpet Cleaners solely on the basis of reviews read and reasonable prices quoted. Friendly workers arrived at my home. They knew their job.    
Roberta Williams11/09/2018

       Their cleaning service is exceptional, the prices reasonable and their work ethic is consistent with good quality results. Communication with the office staff at The Red Carpet Cleaners is instrumental in our business relationship. Their cleaning service is well price too.    
Michael Gunn17/08/2018

       Cleaning is efficient, workers are punctual, professional and very efficient. I will always recommend Cleaning Services. would not hesitate to give them a ring again.    
J.T. Sanderson02/08/2018

        The Red Carpet Cleaners is always and excellent cleaning company to do business with will be using again.    
M. Stamford17/07/2018

       A massive shout out to Cleaning Services! Their cleaners were amazing. I'll certainly be using them again.    
J. Kerber11/06/2018

       I hired The Red Carpet Cleaning Company the other week because my home was in a real state. My home was filthy. We'd had a party, then gone away for some time. We arrived back and it wasn't a pretty sight. My wife implored me to do the cleaning. No chance. I called this company up and hired their home cleaning service. And what a service it was. They made my property spick and span, seemingly with very little effort.    
John I.15/05/2018

       I called The Red Carpet Cleaners and their cleaning was top-notch. I can't thank the team enough!    
D. Lockhart27/04/2018

       I didn't think they'd be able to manage the large home cleaning task I presented them with. It really was a lot. Even though I told Cleaners Company when I called them, I still don't think they fully realised the scale of the task. But credit too them. They turned up and got on with the job right away. There were absolutely no issues. The team did a sterling job cleaning my house from top to bottom. Amazing work!    
I. Lucas03/04/2018

        The Red Carpet Cleaners are a fab team of cleaners, my house always sparkles after they've been.    
Kimmi Chung30/03/2018

       Their cleaners were absolutely amazing. I can't thank Cleaning Services enough!    
Ana I.27/02/2018

       Very pleased with the carpet cleaning from Cleaning Company London. My carpet literally looks like new, it's way better than I could do myself.    
Amber Hazelwick22/01/2018

       Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, I get to have all my family around me, and see the joy on my grandchildren's faces when they open up their latest gift. What I don't love about Christmas, especially now I'm a bit older, is the clearing up afterwards. I thought that this year I would treat myself to a cleaner from Cleaning Services, and I must admit, I was so impressed with the service that I will definitely use them again. They arrived promptly and even managed to get all the wrapping paper scraps out from under sofas, which may well have been there since last year! Well done, at an excellent and unbeatable price too!    

       Can't imagine a better cleaning service than The Red Carpet Cleaners, they are so efficient, really flexible with timings, cheap and helpful. Best I've found.    
Rhianah Killjoy13/12/2017

       I've never looked forward to house cleaning. But it's something that needs to be done from time to time. Cleaning Company London offers me an easy solution. One call to their team, and I can get on with my day while my house becomes spick and span. I've used them many times and they've never let me down.    

       I've never experienced the cleaning services I received when I hired The Red Carpet Cleaners. They quite literally helped me out of a sticky situation.     
Amy S.27/10/2017

       Their cleaners were fantastic! I'm so glad I used Cleaning Services. I don't know what I would've done without them.    
Margot L.05/10/2017

       I badly needed a decent company to come in and completely revamp my office. Luckily, TheRedCarpet were there and they did a terrific job. Excellent cleaning services!    
Brian D.14/09/2017

       I was put off at the thought of getting a professional cleaning service for my windows and floors. The reason was because I thought I couldn't afford it or it would be much too expensive. However, The Red Carpet Cleaners assured me that the home cleaning would be affordable, and after the job was done, I was surprised at how little it cost me, not to mention that they did a great job.    
Kenneth Huxley04/09/2017

        Cleaning Company London really do provide cost-effective cleaning services. That's what initially attracted me to them, and I wasn't wrong in hiring their staff. They're cheap, but complete cleaning jobs to a high standard too - the perfect service, exactly the service I was after.    
D. Jetter21/08/2017

       I needed to do some house cleaning, particularly some carpet cleaning. I hired The Red Carpet Cleaning Company and they did an amazing job! Everything looks so pretty and neat!    
Ricky E.28/07/2017

       Had Cleaning Company London round to help with a good carpet cleaning before my mum's birthday party. They did a really great job, my carpet almost looks brand new! I was very impressed with their cleaners and would recommend them to anyone!    
Skyelynn M.11/07/2017

       There aren't too many companies in London who are able to provide quality upholstery cleaning service. When I needed some furniture cleaned from normal wear-and-tear, I gave The Red Carpet Cleaners a call, and they did an excellent job on my furniture's upholstery. Since I was a new customer, they gave me a great introductory rate.    

        Cleaners Company provides the best carpet cleaning service that customers could ask for. They really came through for me when I had stubborn stains on my rug that refused to come up with regular cleaning. Now, my rugs look just like they did the day we moved in.    

       I never believe the capabilities of this house cleaning service provider until they came to my property. TheRedCarpet were timely to arrive to my property and offered a lucrative deal to suit my property management needs.    
D. Davis01/06/2017

       Absolutely loved working with these guys, would definitely recommend The Red Carpet Cleaners to anyone who wants affordable and reliable cleaning services.     
A. Bailey15/05/2017

       Me and wife recently returned from our honeymoon to a sparkling clean flat, this was all down to Cleaning Services. The team arrived while we were away and performed a spectacular house cleaning service. Highly recommend, they will not let you down.    
M. Nash25/04/2017

       My company had just taken on a brand new team including fresh graduates. It was important to have the office space tidy and presentable. I called TheRedCarpet and was delighted by the speedy turnaround time and efficient cleaners. Will definitely call again and recommend them to fellow business owners.    
R Crooks03/04/2017

        The Red Carpet Cleaners cleaned my carpet to a high standard. I am happy with the result and the cost of the job!    
Wendy T.10/03/2017

       Cheap and flawless cleaning service! Cleaning Company London are easy to work with and reliable!    
Kaila Barratt09/02/2017

       Got a top class cleaning service at low cost! The Red Carpet cannot be beat on price!    
Sarah L.16/01/2017

       Needed a lot of help with my floors as they were looking awful. Got The Red Carpet Cleaning Company to come over and help with the carpet cleaning on the cheap and they sent over a team of amazing maids who knew exactly what to do to achieve that. They used a steam cleaning machine that cleansed my carpets without any problem. Great work, will be sure to recommend this amazing company to my friends. They deserve it all!    
Richard A.07/12/2016

        The Red Carpet Cleaning Company offer simply great cleaning services - both in terms of quality and price!    
Harry T.21/11/2016

        The Red Carpet Cleaners - the best cleaners in London!    
E. Thompson09/11/2016

       My husband's mother was coming over for a first visit to our home. I'd only see her twice in the five years since I married her son. I work, so I can't be everywhere at once, and when I looked at our house - I asked one of my co-workers if she knew a good cleaning company, and not too expensive. She told me about The Red Carpet Cleaners. I called them and a day later mother-in-law was impressed and I got all the credit!    
Marian A. 28/10/2016

       Got in touch with TheRedCarpet for a quote for cleaning my carpets. They gave me a pretty good deal so I booked right away. Their Carpet Cleaners did very well; my home looks a lot better now and it's a true pleasure to walk barefoot on my sparkling clean carpets. Thanks!    
Samantha Jenkins28/09/2016

       Amazing cleaning company - had my home cleaned in no time whatsoever. I barely had to do anything other than call them and open the door. The cleaners from TheRedCarpet came right on time and did an excellent job around the house. Thank you!    

       Really thorough, professional job! I hired Cleaners-FinsburyPark two days ago and they really impressed me with the results. Only in two hours they cleaned my entire house. They really did restore the normal look of the place. The task wasn't the typical end of tenancy clean, but they took the time to understand my requirements and to tailor the service to suit my schedule. I would definitely recommend these guys.    
Rachel Carter 21/07/2016

       The builders had left a huge mess and it seemed an impossible task to clean it up. TheRedCarpet did a splendid job with the after builders cleaning. A superb team of dedicated cleaners, they were so polite and kind. It was nice having you guys in here and a big thank you for cleaning the place; I don't think I would have been able to do all this.    

       I was seriously considering replacing my carpet, as a recent party had left it covered with stains and, no matter how hard I scrubbed, they would not bulge. Finally, I decided to give it one last chance and call in the pros. The cleaner The Red Carpet sent out not only removed all stains from my carpet but also restored its rather faded colours! Thank you so much!    
Annabelle R.31/05/2016

       My three large rugs at home looked really grimy and unattractive until I hired TheRedCarpet for rug cleaning. To be honest I really wasn't sure whether I'd notice much of a difference but I sure did. The team did a wonderful job cleaning my rugs and the results happened pretty fast. By the time the team had finished my rugs looked brand new again. And their prices are not bad at all. So if you are looking for professional cleaning help, I can't recommend this company enough. They are terrific and have been so helpful.    
Nina Arnold21/04/2016

       Building clean ups include getting rid of all the old boots, sandpaper and leftover cement bags that have been left behind. With 2 dogs and a cat, I was worried that they would either hurt themselves on something or eat something they shouldn't! The cleaners from The Red Carpet Cleaners took care of stuff immediately and their price was reasonable. Was very happy with the clean.    
Adam B.01/12/2015

       I'm usually very fussy about services I hire, but I honestly can't find any faults in the domestic cleaning from Cleaners Company. The agents I first had a chat with were exceptionally friendly, and went out of their way to find out about my preferences in terms of their cleaning. The price I was given was absolutely brilliant, and the cleaner they sent over was just as friendly and approachable as the person who took my call. I can't remember the last time my house has looked as great as it does now. Thanks guys!    
Gemma B.17/11/2015

       Moving to my new house was causing me a lot of stress, and I completely forgot about cleaning my home! I struggled to find a cleaning company on such short notice, but Cleaning Company London came to my rescue with their fantastic end of tenancy cleaning service. It was fast and thorough and even my landlord was impressed! Thanks!    
Stephen A.14/10/2015

        The Red Carpet Cleaners did a great job at cleaning my carpets. I share my house with cats, and the carpet is never looking its best. I got a really good price, my cleaner worked really hard and there were no harsh chemicals used, so I was very impressed!    

       I had been on the lookout for a helpful cleaning service and it was Cleaning Services who I turned to. I read up on their cleaning support and they sounded perfect. After a quick phone call, they were at my home a couple of days later. They saw to all the cleaning work I faced and were able to complete it quickly. This was a great service that I plan on hiring them again.    
Sheila Moon24/09/2015

       My kitchen really was in a terrible state. I hadn't given it a deep clean in a while and consequently, its appearance and sanitation had really started to suffer. The Red Carpet Cleaning Company were great and the enormity of the task really didn't seem to faze their cleaners. They got it shipshape in no time at all and the price for the entire job was highly reasonable.    

       Cleaning the house wasn't really much of a pressure some years ago. But now that I am married with small kids, I don't get much time to devote to cleaning. I barely get a few minutes to catch a quick nap; my kids keep me running on my toes all the time. This started my hunt for a reliable cleaner who would carry out house cleaning routinely. It's been nearly 6 months now that The Red Carpet Cleaning Company has been carrying out the cleaning at my home and I am amazed with the quality of service. I will highly recommend this company for any cleaning needs.    

        The Red Carpet Cleaning Company was amazing! Out of all of the companies that I have hired for cleaning services in the past, this is the only company that I would highly recommend. I decided to hire them for my carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning needs and they were just fantastic! I would highly recommend their services to people around me and to anybody considering professional cleaning services!    
Vanessa Nicolson07/08/2015

        Cleaners Company were a great help when it came to cleaning my house. I needed support to get my home cleaned in a short period and hiring them was the best solution. Their team were able to take care of everything and within a few hours my home looked better than ever.    
Steven Prince31/07/2015

       I would suggest anyone living locally looking for a cheap and really good cleaning service to hire Cleaning Services. I know there's no-one cheaper or better at the job.    
Polly Dawn 14/07/2015

       I was pleased with the results I got after I hired the professional house cleaning company called The Red Carpet. The staff was friendly and hard working and did a super job of cleaning the entire house from top to bottom.     
Louise Harris03/07/2015

       There are so many cleaning services around, but I still stick to my favourite dear old Cleaning Company London. I have ordered their services for my office cleaning and even my house cleaning. There are a lot of things they have taught me about maintaining the property clean, they have even recommended a few cleaning solutions I could use. This is a professional agency; maybe that is why they are so friendly and helpful when it comes to giving advice.    
Rooth R.23/06/2015

        Cleaners Company has saved my life! I love their location; they are so close to my home I can call them in for a spring cleaning any time I want. I find it harder to clean the outside and inside of the house in spring as there is so much more dust and dirt on the streets at this time of the year. I totally enjoyed my experience with this company. Not only did they clean my house professionally, but they also gave me a few useful tips on how to keep it cleaner for longer. I recommend their cleaning services to everyone.    
Beth Simpson15/06/2015

        Cleaning Company London always do an excellent job with my office cleaning and they are 100% reliable. I am able to leave the cleaners to get on with the job at the weekend when my office is empty. That saves me disruption while we're trying to work. I can trust them too which makes a massive difference. I always recommend this great cleaning company to anyone asking!    
M. Robbins10/06/2015

       Managing a job and my kids can be a hassle, as I'm left with little time for anything else. Cleaning up was one of these and so the house soon became messy. I called Cleaning Services to see what they could do for me and I'm glad I did. I now have a cleaner coming to my house every few days to handle all the dust and mess for me, so I can concentrate on everything else. They are a life saver.    
Betty Arnold26/05/2015

       I had little time for cleaning my home every week and so I turned to The Red Carpet Cleaners for help. I was able to hire a professional cleaner to come to my address each week, and now this company handles all the work for me. Whether it's dusting, vacuuming, getting rid of litter or whatever, it's all taken care of. I have more time to spend with my friends and relax after work, without worrying about the mess. The cleaners provide a better result than I ever could. I have been very impressed with their services and I will continue to use them.    
Andrew Thompson15/05/2015

        Cleaners Company has unfailingly provided the highest level of cleaning service on our commercial and residential properties. Their attention to detail is unmatched. I have previously worked with other cleaning agencies and so I can confidently add that the quotes from this company are quite competitive. I am impressed with this professional team of cleaners and am planning to give them a yearlong contract.    
Joanna Cass07/05/2015

       My wife and I are delighted with TheRedCarpet's friendly and competent team who helped us with spring cleaning in our city apartment. We hope to continue using your home cleaning services for years to come. I have been happily recommending your services to anyone who needs assistance keeping their house clean.    
David B.01/05/2015

       I realised packing was just as difficult as taking care of the end of tenancy cleaning. In my case that was going to be a disaster, not only because I had to do it myself, but also because I had to do it quickly. Thanks to TheRedCarpet the job was done in time and in a much better way than I could have done it on my own. I saved myself a lot of effort and physical labour, as my home had not been kept in the best of states. The cleaners did not judge how I kept my home; in fact the company's professionals were very friendly and polite.    
Christian M.24/04/2015

       One of my neighbours told me the benefits of cleaning and I didn't believe her. So when the cleaner had finished with her flat, she invited me round and I was stunned to see how clean her place was. She had always struggled to clean everything and The Red Carpet took all the stress and hassle out of it. I recommend them to anyone I know now.    

       I am so happy with this cleaning company! I have always struggled to find a company that was able to make it on time, given I have such a short notice schedule. With 2 kids and a litany of pets, I've found it so challenging to find a reliable cleaner. The Red Carpet do exactly what they say on the tin! They are reliable and efficient and I will be recommending them to anyone that I meet.    

       Just wanted to say thank you to Cleaners Company for having such a great team of cleaners. We've just finished renovating our bathroom and wanted the area looking nice and clean and free of dust. You guys were the right people to call in for the job. I love seeing the new bathroom sparkle and shine!    
Daniel W.24/03/2015

       After having a pretty serious motorbike accident, I just wasn't able to handle the cleaning on my own anymore. I'm not too proud to admit that I need some serious help. Getting a domestic cleaner from The Red Carpet was a really great decision and took so much stress and pressure out of my life. I've been so impressed with the cleaning results and the company of having someone come into my home each day!     
Cameron R.16/03/2015

       When I made the decision to move abroad, I knew something had to be done with my apartment. I own the place, so I chose to lease it out while I was gone. But I have to admit, it was pretty messy! I found out about The Red Carpet Cleaning Company and their cleaning services. They were able to come in and give the place a good deep clean before I rented it out to anyone. I was very impressed!     
Oliver N.06/03/2015

       I'm not even sure how my life used to function without my wonderful from The Red Carpet Cleaning Company. She comes in around the house three days a week and makes everything absolutely spotless. The whole company is very reliable and trustworthy and I would highly recommend them to anyone.     
Kathleen H.25/02/2015

       I was very happy with the kitchen clean I had recently from Cleaners Company. Over time I had let the grime and grease build up and decided to get a professional company to deal with it. I was very happy with the finished results the walls, units, appliances and floors looked so clean. The dirt was gone and everything shined.    
Howard Cohen17/02/2015

       I wanted my curtains and sofa cleaning after the pets and children had gradually made them look filthy. I was passed on the contact details of TheRedCarpet from my sister, and gave them a call. The cleaners were very professional and first did a fabric test to make sure the steam process they were going to use would damage the fabric. The clean went well, and was done very fast. The results were impressive the furniture and curtains looked wonderful, thanks.    
V. Green06/02/2015

       I was happy with the cleaning service I had recently for my workplace. My office was a mess and need to be tidied, so I booked an appointment with Cleaning Services. I first arranged a deep clean to get everything in order. I was so pleased with the results that I now have a regular weekly service. It keeps everywhere neat and tidy, and the rates are affordable too.    
Terry Santiago29/01/2015

       I was so pleased with the carpet cleaning service I received recently. My carpeted flooring in my office was really grubby with the continual use, but a colleague suggested I use The Red Carpet. I had noticed their cleaning vans around the area and decided to give them a call. The office staff was very friendly and helpful. They arranged a meeting to give me a quote and go over how the procedure would be performed. I booked an appointment over a weekend so there were no disruptions to my busy schedule. The results were amazing and the carpets looked fantastic.    
Laverne Banks23/01/2015

        Cleaning Services was recommended to me by a friend when I was moving. I hired them to do a move-out cleaning for me at the previous residence and they did such a brilliant job that I hired them for cleaning my new place too. The move had made the house dusty and there were a couple of scratches and marks that I couldn't clean. Thanks to the cleaners from their agency, now my walls and furniture looks brand new and my clean and new house is a pleasure to come back to. Keep up the great work!    

       I have two properties around town that I lease out often. When families move, they usually leave behind a lot of trash and a dirty house that is a big job for me to clean. When a friend recommended hiring Cleaning Company London, I was surprised at their cheap quotes and had doubts about whether they would do a good job for the money they were charging. Thankfully, I was not disappointed. Not only did they clean the flats, I think they made it look better than it ever was. They are now my go-to people for every end-of-tenancy cleaning.    

       I could certainly tell you about many poor cleaning companies I have worked with but happily, The Red Carpet is an exception. This is a cleaning agency I would vouch for - the cleaners are very diligent and attentive and the quality of the end result of their visits is there for all to see - my home is always exceptionally sterile and pleasant. The cleaners have a very extensive stock of cleaning commodities and they have the materials and the solutions for all kinds of cleaning complications that I present them with, including upholstery stains, mould and mildew and gathering dust bunnies.    
Vincent L.14/11/2014

       The inset cushions made my favourite chairs both at once my most and least favourite pieces of furniture, my favourite because they looked so good in my kitchen, and my least favourite because they were so incredibly difficult to clean. I didn't know the first thing about cleaning inset cushions, which is why I called up The Red Carpet, who knew exactly what they were doing. With so many other copy cat companies on the market I chose this one because of their positive reviews and of course, their excellent prices. I now love my favourite seats all over again!    
John R.04/09/2014

       Spring cleaning is not limited to the spring in this household! We tend to do a big clean during every season, to ensure that the apace is always looking it's best. I have found that using a cleaning company whilst doing the spring clean means that it is a lot less of a stressful process, and have so far enjoyed having The Red Carpet do the work alongside the family. I have been very impressed by the way in which they have worked so well for such a decent rate, and will certainly be using them again in the future.    
Amy H.31/07/2014

       Marvellous results from The Red Carpet! I was so impressed by the professionalism delivered by this company's employees. Each time my cleaner comes over she knows exactly what to do and how I like things done. She thoroughly cleans everything too, not just makes it look as though it has been cleaned. If I have something new that I require her to do, she has always been more than happy to do it. I give their service 10/10! Not only are the cleaners great at their jobs, but the company is very helpful too.    
Sharon 16/07/2014

       Working long hours in a stressful job has made moving home an extremely difficult process. Instead of taking days of work I simply hired The Red Carpet to perform my end of tenancy cleaning process and I was extremely grateful for their hard work. I didn't have time to be disappointed and have to do more work, but these cleaners really left no stone unturned. I was so impressed with their hard work that I have asked them to clean my new house too- and with 3 dogs and 2 children running amok around the house I think I'll be calling them in again in the near future.    
Sonia B.30/06/2014

       The Red Carpet are a professional company to deal with and do a fabulous job. I have just had another home clean service and am really pleased with the work. A friend gave me the details and contact numbers as she had nothing but good things to say about the work she had done. The team is friendly and hard working bunches, who do a great job. I hire them weekly to clean the kitchen and bathroom, and then dust, mop and vacuum the rest of the house. The cleaning charges are good and offer excellent value for money. I would certainly recommend anyone needing a cleaning service to call these professionals.    
Fern Griffin12/06/2014

       I had spent a long time overseas and had left my apartment locked up, so you can imagine the dust had built up. I didn't have a lot of free time to do the job myself so opted to hire a professional company to sort the problem. I found the contact details of a local cleaning company and booked a spring clean service. The price wasn't a factor I just wanted a clean place, but I did think it was fair. It took the cleaners a day to clean and get everything back in order but the place looks absolutely terrific.    
Lorraine B.26/05/2014

       Knowing exactly what you are going to get when you call up a cleaning company can be difficult, but in this case I was charmed in to getting The Red Carpet round for a test run. I was blown away by their ability to do the job in such a short space of time, and it was remarkable to see how well it all went from the start. Given that they took so little time, the payment was a lot less than I was expecting it to be, and now I use them every week!    
Tammy Bailey14/05/2014

       Having worked with a few cleaning services in my time, I am delighted to have found The Red Carpet. They really do pull their finger out when it comes to giving the customer the sort of service that you really want form a cleaning company. Great cleaning, unobtrusive tidying, friendly staff, and great value. It's all there, and I am surprised that I don't hear about them more often really! I suppose that's why it felt right to write about them on here!    
Donald S.29/04/2014

       I wholeheartedly recommend this company, I was a cleaner myself for a number of years but I'm just getting too old to do a perfect job these days, and there are too many hard to reach places in my house. The lovely people from The Red Carpet have always been a pleasure to host for the afternoon whilst they work and from my experience I saw a lot of cleaners and companies rip people off and cut corners but this company leave no stone unturned. They offer the very best professional cleaning service, with a smile, and without a hefty invoice.    
Mary Francis08/04/2014

       Getting the cleanest home has been something of a challenge for me recently. I used to try and handle all of the cleaning myself and I like to think of myself as something of a professional, or at least I have very high standards. But with growing work commitments and not wanting to become a complete social shut in, I was finding less and less time to focus on the cleaning. That's when I turned to the professionals and after trying out a few companies, I finally found The Red Carpet. Their help has made all the difference and they really are excellent.    

       I have had a few cleaners in the past, but never of the caliber that I have found from The Red Carpet. The resilience and politesse that the cleaners deal with the job with is incredible, especially as the work is hard, and not exactly that rewarding! I find their prices to be great, and the result is a fantastic looking place for an excellent price, with a very nice and comfortable team in the place! I could not really ask any more of them if I'm honest, they are lovely to have around, and get the place looking great!     
Josefina Hale05/03/2014

       Working with The Red Carpet was one of the best decisions I made this year. I needed specialty carpet cleaning for my delicate rugs and carpets. I needed a company that could provide a thorough clean, to really remove dust and dirt that had collected deep into the rugs. The staff at The Red Carpet knew just what cleaning agents to use and they provided an excellent service. I was extremely pleased with their carpet and rug cleaning service and would highly recommend them. I will also use them in the future. They really know how best to clean a carpet!    
Claudia Dixon18/02/2014

       I hate writing reviews, it just isn't something I normally even consider doing, but in this case I make an exception, because The Red Carpet have just saved my bacon. I had tenants move out of one of my properties yesterday and it was left in a heck of a state. I called these guys and they were there within hours; a full team getting to work wiping all the grime away. I am stood outside that place today having just moved new residents in. Just superb service, and it didn't cost anywhere near as much as I was expecting. Thanks guys, just amazing.    
Christopher Bartlett30/01/2014

       I didn't want to hire a cleaning company but my wife was really struggling to keep the house in shape and I knew it was something we'd both benefit from. I put a lot of research into finding the right cleaning company for us and I eventually gave The Red Carpet a call. Straight off the bat they were really friendly and listened carefully to our needs and our situation. We hired a cleaner on a one-off basis and we were both so impressed with the results! It was like we were living in a brand-new house! Now we have a cleaner come fortnightly and it was such a great decision! Thanks!    

       Professional house cleaning was a service I'd always thought I'd love to try out, but I never thought I could afford it. I've always hated wasting my time cleaning my house, but I'm always working on a small budget. When someone told me about The Red Carpet and their affordable prices I just had to give them a call and I haven't been disappointed! The service was friendly and professional right from the get-go, and my house is always left looking spotlessly clean. I'm so glad that I chose to hire professional cleaners, and now I'll never go back!    
Josh Markus17/12/2013

       The Red Carpet have been regularly cleaning my carpets and rugs for years. I wouldn't know what to do without them. Around every six months to a year, depending on the sort of state they get in, I pop a call in and they come round armed with all sorts of machinery and gadgets. They then proceed to bring my home back to life, restoring the vibrancy into my floors. When you have kids and work long hours a quick vacuum once a week just isn't enough, you soon realise just how little it does when you see the results these guys produce.    
Mrs. Longstaff02/12/2013

       I was really pleased with the service that The Red Carpet provided me on a recent clean. They were punctual, and had no issues with the jobs at hand, despite that fact that the place had been neglected quite badly. We just bought the place, but it seems that the previous owner was not exactly in to cleaning. There was no way that we were going to tackle it on our own as well! The team made light work of heavy dust and dirt, and we could not have asked anything more of them. An amazing job for a great price.    
Marina S.21/11/2013

       Getting a cleaner in does feel like a bit of an admission of defeat, I have to agree. Lots of people do it though, and it makes a lot of sense! We are not trained in cleaning as we grow up, it's just something that we tend to pick up and get on with, so why not get a professional in who has a lot more experience that you, and who is therefore much more efficient!? It seems silly to worry about why you should not, so just give The Red Carpet a call, and you will see what you have been missing out on!    
Marissa Miller11/11/2013

       I've never known my house to be so clean! We're on the bottom floor of an apartment block and I'm certain that is why we just have so much dust and dirt in the house. I'm not exactly terrible at cleaning, but I wouldn't say it's my strongest skill. That's why I'm smart enough to outsource this to The Red Carpet. They handle everything, make sure that my home is the cleanest it can be. I bet we're cleaner than the flats upstairs now, they don't have The Red Carpet on their side. And I'll keep them around for as long as I can.    
Rebecca J.28/10/2013

       The Red Carpet have saved my bacon once again. I can't count how many times I've been desperate for a bit of help with the household chores after getting caught up in work. Every time it happens, I just give The Red Carpet a call and I can sleep easy knowing that they'll work tirelessly until my place has been cleaned to within an inch of its life. These guys are the masters at getting my place to where I need it to be, every time. I've had trouble before getting the cleaning companies to work to my high standards; not there guys.    

       I never have to worry about my home being a mess again because I have the help of The Red Carpet. Ever since I first hired them they have put pushed themselves to do great work, doing every task necessary to make my home clean. Dusting, polishing, wiping, scrubbing, vacuuming and much more have all been completed and have resulted in my home looking perfect. With such high quality help, I don't need to lift a finger ever again because I know they will do everything better than I ever could.    
Colin Pilkington07/10/2013

       I have never been good at cleaning and instead rely on being able to keep things to a manageable standard. This has served me decently for a few years but it came to the point where I couldn't keep things at a manageable level. I called The Red Carpet in hopes of getting some advice or tips and they gave me all the information I needed. I learned how to clean better but I got much more. I hired their staff to come and take care of things for me and now my home is spotless. They made things more than manageable and I will definitely use their services again.    
Howard F.26/09/2013

       I work from home, so this means things can get messy quickly. I am very busy, so I will often just throw wrappers and other litter to the side, and let dust build up. It is unsuitable to live in such squalor, so I knew I need some help. TheRedCarpet were recommended to me by a friend and they have ensured my home is clean and tidy. A cleaner comes once a week to take care of everything so I get to have a nice abode while continuing to be able to get my work done.    
Ken Davis16/09/2013

       I had just moved into a new house with my boyfriend and we found that it was messy. Wanting to get started on unpacking and decorating as fast as possible, we called Carpet Cleaners london. We knew their cleaners could come and take care of everything in no time, fully reducing dust and dirt and they delivered. Things were sparkling and it looked better than we could have hoped. Our new home was looking ready for us to live in before we knew it thanks to their hard work, so I want to give them a big thank you.    
Catherine Taylor05/09/2013

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