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Rugs are great! Not only are they practical, but they also add boost of colour, class and style to any room. If you have wooden flooring or tiles in your home, adding a rug is a way of allowing you to stand somewhere warm and cosy. Having rugs just beside your bed is also a great way of waking up and sinking your feet into pure luxury! Rugs are also easier to clean than carpets, which is why many people prefer them to rugs. However, this does not mean that rugs do not need cleaning. You will find that over time, even rugs will need to be cleaned. If you require a cleaning service that aims to clean rugs, contact now on 020 3397 8626 and see what we have in store for you.

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Rugs accumulate dirt over time, which is why they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Dirt, dust and other residues gather from shoes, socks and even feet. If you have pets, you will find that they will also drag in dirt from outside which is undesired and unwanted. This dirt cannot be cleaned up by vacuuming alone, because vacuuming cannot penetrate the dirt that gathers deep into the fibres of the rug. This is where cleaning comes in. Cleaning your rug will allow it to be cleaned thoroughly, allowing each and every particle of dirt to be penetrated and cleaned. A cleaner rug will not also be more hygienic, but it will also look and feel better. Dirt can reduce the natural pop of colour that attracted you to the rug in the first place. Additionally, a dirty rug will feel rough and unclean. By cleaning the carpet, you will notice that it will look a lot more attractive and will also feel so much softer and cleaner.

Our cleaners know exactly how to clean your rug in the perfect way. They have been trained and educated in a way that allows them to determine all of the characteristics of a rug that will affect the cleaning process. They know all about fibres, materials, textures and this will allow them to determine how to clean your rug and which products to use on your rug.

Our prices are checked on a regular basis as this allows us to make sure that we are not charging too much for our rug cleaning services. Since we also deal with carpet and upholstery cleaning, we ensure that those prices remain low too. Our low prices and high quality services have kept our customers coming back time and time again and that is exactly what we want.

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Clean rugs look great and feel great. So, when you find your rug looking a little lifeless and feeling rough and unclean, don’t throw it out and get a new one. This is going to cost you way more than getting it cleaned. Cleaning it is going to allow you to keep a hold of it whilst still being able to enjoy its appearance and texture.

The Red Carpet has been dealing with carpet and rug cleaning over many decades. This has allowed our members of staff to perfect their technique and gain the experience needed in order to offer the best services. If you wish to get an instant quote, or simply wish to speak to one of our member of staff, contact us now on 020 3397 8626. If you want a rug that looks and feels as good as new, look no further!

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