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Having your carpets cleaned is something that not everyone likes. Some people believe that cleaning carpets is unnecessary and a waste of money. They believe that vacuuming alone is going to keep carpets clean and that is all that needs to be done. Little do they know that dirt has a tendency to gather deep into the fibres of your carpet, which hovering just cannot get out. This accumulation of dirt can also affect the feel of the carpet. If you find that your carpet feels rough or not soft like it originally did, then this is due to the accumulation of dirt. In addition, you will find that the appearance of your carpet will also deteriorate. Colours may fade and patters may not look as bright as they used to. These are the perfect signs telling you to get your carpet cleaned – and who do you call when you need your carpets cleaning? The Red Carpet! We have many different services that you will find very useful and helpful. If you wish to speak to one of our members of staff – to get a quote or just to ask about the services that we have, call 020 3397 8626 today!

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Our Carpet cleaning services will leave you satisfied and very happy. Our Carpet Cleaners are highly qualified and are trained on a regular basis. This means that they know everything that they should know about carpets, different fibres and how they should be cleaned. It also means that they know exactly how to clean your carpets depending on these factors, and what products to use/to avoid. This is because different cleaning products have different effects on different materials (which everyone does not know about – but ALL of our Carpet Cleaners do know).

Our prices are competitive and will leave make that smile on your face even bigger. You may think that getting your carpets cleaned by professional Carpet Cleaners may cost an arm and a leg, but this is not true at all – well, not with us anyway. We make sure that our prices are and remain low at all times so that our clients are left satisfied at all times.

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As stated, carpet cleaning is about more than making carpets look better – it is mainly about cleaning them and making sure that they are dirt free. This is especially important if you have little children who may spend a lot of time playing on the carpet. It is also especially important if you have pets at home such as cats and dogs, since they have a tendency to carry dirt and pathogens which can cause illness or infection.

If you are still not convinced, have a look at the many testimonials on our website. They are written by genuine customers who have used our services for one reason or another. Seeing how other people rate our professionalism, quality of work, timing etc. is an excellent way of seeing whether we are as perfect for you as we were to others.

If you are looking for the perfect carpet cleaning company, look no further. Here at The Red Carpet we have services that aim to clean carpets, rugs and upholstery. Our professional team can get the job quickly, effectively and properly, just as you would expect. If you need more information about the services that we offer, would like to know about our prices or wish to get an instant quote right away, call us on 020 3397 8626 and get the ball rolling – call today and watch us transform your carpets!

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Our Testimonials
Zane P. 17/10/2019
The cleaners from The Red Carpet just left my flat. It looks incredible. Absolutely spotless. I am sure I will be using their cleaning services in the future.
Sharon M. 15/02/2019
The Red Carpet's cleaners do domestic cleaning for both, myself, and my parents. They have the best rates and do wonderful work. Would recommend.
Jason R. 14/11/2019
That cleaning service was affordable and could work around my schedule. I hired them to do weekly cleanings at my flat. They do a great job every week.
Janie S. 11/09/2019
I initially hired these cleaners to do carpet cleaning. That was quite some time ago. They did such a good job that I have had them back to my flat, weekly.
Debbie W. 09/08/2019
Decent cleaning services are not that easy to come by. Many are too expensive or do mediocre work. The Red Carpet's cleaners are affordable and do a good job. One of the top choices.
Lisa Wren 09/01/2019
I recently hosted a sleepover for my daughter and 10 of her best mates. The next day I had these Carpet Cleaners do a deep cleaning. They did a great job.
Kristen B. 07/07/2019
I will be using this cleaning service for as long as I live in London. Their Carpet Cleaners are incredible. They get the job done right and get it done quickly. I recommend them to anyone in the area in need of quality cleaning service.
Paula D. 07/06/2019
The Red Carpet's cleaning team is amazing. They are fast and efficient, sometimes getting my entire flat cleaned in under 2 hours! Great cleaning service.
Aubrey Valentina 04/04/2019
I wouldn't dream of using any other cleaning service. These Carpet Cleaners have been caring for my flat for over two years now. They always do a wonderful job and never overcharge.
Carla E. 03/11/2019
The Red Carpet recently did a deep carpet cleaning on my flat. The Carpet Cleaners first did a spot test to ensure that the treatment would not damage the carpet, and then they steam-cleaned. The entire process took less than four hours and the carpets look great.