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Have you cleaned your carpets recently? Do you know how much grime and dirt can accumulate in them? And you are inhaling all this dirt when you walk on them.

Save yourself some health problems and call us today on 020 3397 8626.

Our appointment will sure be more pleasant than the one you would get at the doctors. Plus, you would get immediate help and assistance without waiting on long rows. Get the most professionally done carpet cleaning in Pentonville, N1. You will get a friendly and helpful assistance from our company’s amazing professionals.


Carpet cleaners
Bedroom carpet £29.50 £28.50
Livingroom carpet £39 £37.50
Kitchen carpet £17 £15
Kitchen diner carpet £37 £35
Carpet cleaning
Landing £9.50 £8.50
Hallway £17 £15.50
Through Lounge £51 £49.50

We Think About You Being Eco-Conscious in Pentonville, N1

Carpet Cleaning Pentonville N1 Project

We at The Red Carpet think about you and the environment.

That is why we don’t use conventional cleaning products and we only use eco friendly products, which don’t release harmful compounds and solvents.

Therefore, use our rug cleaning services in Pentonville, N1 and you will be satisfied with the results for a long time. You won’t know the difference between the conventional cleaning products and the eco friendly products, because we have a long history in rug cleaning. Imagine all of the good things you would be doing for the environment and for yourself.

Cleaning Secrets Revealed in Pentonville, N1

Have you ever had an inclination to learn some new cleaning tips? Our Carpet Cleaners in Pentonville, N1 know what they are doing and they have some secret suggestions for you.

They have the best cleaning techniques in the area and they use state of the art technologies.

They can thoroughly clean a wide range of carpets. From cotton to wool and from expensive to affordable, every type of carpet will be handled by our capable Carpet Cleaners in Pentonville. Enjoy the best service in the area and you will see immediate results.

Carpet Cleaning Pentonville N1 Project


Nelly H.
The clean carpet they left me with in N1 had been deep cleaned, looked great and healthy and was odour-free. I don't know what they did, but whatever they did worked a treat.
K. Smith
Usually I can deal with most cleaning emergencies with ease. However, sometimes my kids manage to stain the sofa or the carpet in such a way that makes me feel helpless. At times like these, I call upon the professional upholstery cleaners of The Red Carpet. Their stain removal techniques are more than enough to address the issue in an easy and quick manner. I like the fact I can always rely on them in Pentonville, N1!
L. Fletcher
The one thing I immediately noted about The Red Carpet and their cleaning service in N1 is their affordable price. I have used multiple other cleaning companies in Pentonville and none of them really came cheap, which was not the case this time. I got the service I needed for a very low price that was ideal for my budget.
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Save Some Money with Our House Cleaning Services in Pentonville, N1

Every house in Pentonville, N1 needs a good cleaning.

Imagine all of the appliances and products you will need to buy and store in your house in order for it to be spotlessly clean.

What if you don’t have enough space and you don’t have the nerves to buy everything. Get in touch with us. We can sort your troubles out for the lowest prices on the market for house cleaning. In this way, you will cut your expenses in half, instead of buying everything yourself and in addition you will receive amazing cleaning of your house.

A Huge Range of Carpet Cleaning Services in Pentonville, N1

Our carpet cleaning services will improve the condition of your carpets and give you longer lasting effects.

Our carpet cleaning services include stain removal that works on even the toughest of stains.

And if you had used the wrong cleaning product and you ruined the colour of your carpets, we can easily restore it back to how it looked in the beginning. So call 020 3397 8626 to get the best carpet cleaning services you can get in Pentonville, N1. We await your call feverishly. We cannot wait for you to try our outstanding, one-of-a-kind services.

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