Top Tips for Carpet Cleaning in Wandsworth 18May 2015

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What is the Best Method for Cleaning Carpets?

Even though you try your best to keep your carpets in Wandsworth clean, you will most likely find that over time, dirt will stains will become more difficult to remove. There are ways that you can restore your carpets to their former glory from foams to cleaning machines. Here are a few of the ways you can deal with dirty carpets.

carpet maintenance
1)    Regular Maintenance
Keeping the carpets in your home in Wandsworth, SW8 clean is the best way to avoid having to do a deep clean. There are things you can do to ensure it stays clean for as long as possible. Brushing is one way that you can really get the dirt from under the pile, it makes it easier for the vacuum to then suck up the dirt. A stiff broom is the best option for this, and it is easier than trying to use a hand brush. It is also important to make sure that shoes are either taken off before entering the room, or that they are free from mud. Dirt from shoe traffic is one of the most common reasons for build-up on carpets. Another way to quickly freshen up a carpet is to use a steam mop. This will plump up the fibres and help to loosen ground-in dirt. This will then be picked up by the microfiber pad on the steam mop. There are also carpet powders available in hte SW18 area that will freshen and clean your carpet. However, they are not as efficient as the other methods and the scent only has a short lifespan.

stain removal

2)    Stain Removal
Another way to keep your carpet in SW11 looking good is to deal with stains as soon as they happen. Leaving them for too long will make them much harder to clean up and may cause a permanent stain. There are various products available to deal with stains, one of the most popular is spray can foam Carpet Cleaners. They are sprayed on the stain as soon as possible and then left for a couple of minutes to work into the stain. It is then either mopped up, or vacuumed to remove the foam and the stain as well. These are generally very effective, although time is important when using them. You can also get handheld carpet cleaning machines that are designed to treat spot stains as they occur. They often use carpet cleaning fluid along with motorised brushes to loosen the dirt. They then suck up the residue water and carpet cleaner to leave the carpet fairly dry.

carpet cleaning equipment

3)    Cleaning Machines
For a deeper clean in Wandsworth, you may need to use a carpet cleaning machine. These can be hired from various outlets including supermarkets and homeware shops. There are also versions that can be bought from electrical retailers that work in a similar way. The principle of the machines is the same as that of the handheld devices, except that they are better for treating large areas. It is often better to clean the carpets with these machines at night so that they can dry overnight. You can also choose the option of hiring a professional cleaning company to come to your home and clean the carpets for you. They will usually use an industrial cleaning machine that will perform a much deeper clean than anything a domestic carpet cleaner can achieve. This will normally take only a short time and the professional machines will leave your carpets almost completely dry.

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