The Surprising Health Benefits of Floor Cleaning 29 May 2020

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The Importance of Regular Floor Cleaning

Sure, home cleaning is often associated with time spent on annoying chores and tiring activities, but the truth is that certain tasks can be equally beneficial. Investing time and effort in floor cleaning, as one of the most common chores, has clear benefits, which can turn this task from boring and tiring into something you await with eager anticipation.

Apart from improving the appearance of your carpet and returning it to its great-looking state after each cleaning service, you need to keep in mind the health benefits of this activity. Look past your demotivation to grab that mop and put the vacuum cleaner to action because you will surely benefit a lot. Here are the important benefits:

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-    Keeps the air inside your home clean - one of the most notable benefits of regular floor cleaning, especially in the case of carpet cleaning, is that it keeps the air pollutants out of the environment. Carpets retain a great deal of allergens, pet dander, dust and dirt. All of this dwells within the fibres and may be released through everyday activities, thus contaminating the air in your home. Effective carpet cleaning work can ensure that no such threat lurks within the fibres of your carpets and rugs and that you can breathe freely.

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-    Prevents dust mite infestations - the main problem with dust mites is that these microscopic creatures leave behind tiny allergen particles, which may cause discomfort. Steam carpet cleaning is one way to eliminate the problem, for dust mites cannot tolerate high temperatures introduced during this type of cleaning. It is an effective solution to such a problem.

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-    Prevents mould growth - dirty carpets, especially when placed in high humidity areas, are at constant risk of developing mould spores when exposed to moisture. There is also the danger of moisture getting tracked into your home and sinking within the fibres, unless cleaned right away. Regular carpet cleaning is a guarantee that such a problem doesn’t develop. Professional Carpet Cleaners take this service one level up and introduce high-power drying gear that can easily eliminate moisture. That is a sure method for preventing mould and mildew, which pose a health threat to you and everyone else living in that home.

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-    It’s a good workout - if you are aiming to lose some weight, doing some mopping and sweeping presents a great opportunity for this. There is zero doubt that any workout is effective to some extent and floor cleaning makes no exception. In fact, it is preferable to focus on this as it crosses off a chore from your list and helps you work out at the same time. The calories you burn while engaged in this task largely depend on the intensity of the task and your weight. That said, you can burn anywhere between 180 - 235 calories, if your weight is 130 pounds; 205 - 270 calories with a weight of 150 pounds and 230 - 305 calories at 170 pounds for every hour you invest in this chore. That is nothing small, especially considering that it is an activity you will likely be doing on a regular basis.

Whether it’s dealing with trapped particles in your carpet, or sanitising various types of flooring, you best invest enough time in this task. You will feel a lot better after that.

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