Scotchgard Protection – Extend the Life of Your Carpets 29 May 2020

Scotchgard protection

How to Extend the Life of your Carpet

When you think of carpet cleaning you hardly ever recall any pleasant memories to connect it with, right? No, of course not. All the time you had to spend on dealing with the carpet doing any house cleaning spell you can only remind you of a laborious job with the only payout being that your kid can play on the floor. And all that is also just a part of trying to save your carpet’s life for another day. Yes, carpets do wear out. Most notably – and ironically – they wear out because we devote a lot of time to rubbing out stains from them in the most vicious manner in order to keep them clean and healthy. But there is a way to slow down your carpet’s aging and protect it from stains and that way is described with one word: scotchgard.

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Origin and Purpose

Scotchgard has been around ever since 1952 and it has been a part of the world of cleaning products ever since. This spray is used to protect carpets or rugs from annoying stains. It works simply: when you apply it to your carpet or rug, its “shroud” envelops the carpet piles and adds a layer of protection against oil- and water-based stains. You know, the stain types that penetrate the carpet’s fibres and lodge deep into its material, making stain removal a nightmare since you have to pretty much sandpaper the stain out of the carpet. And if you do that, the carpet’s life is shortened by a few days with each scrubbing.

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How It Works

Scotchgard works on a molecular level – it uses its chemical ingredients to completely cover the surface you apply it on and then works as a temporary shield against anything trying to penetrate the fibres. And temporary is an important word in this matter as you have a limited time to reaction the stain and do some damage control before there is any actual damage. While it was initially made of stronger chemicals, the formula for the product was soon changed as the chemicals it used proved to be problematic to the families. The toxic spray was soon remodelled and now we have a much better, much more refined and safer version of the product. Today, even if you are using scotchgard, your kids can still play on the carpet.

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Temporary Effect

Scotchgard is not a miracle product and it contains no magical properties. The protection it provides is neither absolute nor infinite. When the carpet gets stained, you better get some carpet cleaning done. You need to watch out for your floors just the same, with the added bonus of knowing that this time, as long as you react in time, the carpet won’t have to be drilled and surgically cleaned to get the stain removal done. All that is needed is standard cleaning and it will shine up immediately after, so to speak. But you still need to do your duty as a home owner and do a responsible amount of home cleaning whenever there is need for that. Regular maintenance is the key to a good, clean, and healthy home and no amount of scotchgard will change that. What the product does is simply delay the effects of liquid stains and prevent them from penetrating surfaces. But, as you should know, liquid is quite persistent if you want an underestimation and unrelenting if you want the correct word. Get your Carpet Cleaners and do the work before it’s too late.

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This product is an amazing tool for keeping the carpets alive. It does make carpet cleaning much easier than you would imagine. After applying it to your floors you simply have to watch out for any spills. When you react to said spills, you will see what good the product does for your home. Apply, react, clean – it is all it takes.

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