Pros Reveal 7 Secrets About Cleaning You'd Never Think Of 04Sep 2015

cleaning secrets from the pros

Amazing Cleaning Tips You will Wish You Knew Sooner

Professional cleaners are a godsend to many. Sometimes when you don’t have enough time, or when a mess is simply too much for any person to have to handle, they will come in like superheroes and save the day.

Obviously it is important that the secrets of the professional cleaner remain so, or it has been until now. Here are ten quick and easy tips that the professional cleaners didn’t want you to know.

1. Scheduling
This sounds simple, but it is incredibly important. Part of the reason that professional cleaners are so effective is because it’s their job, we all work harder on something if it’s part of our job. So schedule you cleaning every week as a job, from this hour to this hour on this day I will be cleaning. You will be amazed how much this can help.

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2. Treat yourself as a professional cleaner
We have secrets from the cleaners too, if you know someone is coming round to clean your house, the first thing you do is clean up a bit. Extend yourself the same courtesy, pick things up, throw any loose rubbish away and clear surfaces of papers and miscellaneous items before you start.

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3. Collect and simplify
Most of the time we spend cleaning is spent running up and downstairs for whatever cleaning spray or cloth we forgot to bring with us. Cleaners don’t have this problem, because all of their products are in one tray. How is this possible? By simplifying their supplies. Cleaners know that four products, a glass or multi surface cleaner, a degreasing cleaner, a powdered abrasive cleaner and a tile cleaner, will clean almost all surfaces and remove all marks and stains. Add a few clothes and you’ve got space on your tray for your empty coffee cup.

4. Invent a boss
Cleaners have a boss, that boss is normally in the house cleaning with them. What do you do when your boss is watching? You work harder. Pretend you are being watched, pretend you are trying to impress your boss, and you’ll be surprised how much harder and faster you suddenly work.

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5. Two and Two rule
Two hands are better than one, four hands are better than too. Get used to cleaning with both hands, it increases productivity and saves your strong arm from aching all day. Professional cleaners clean in pairs, call in a friend or family member to assist you, two people, using two hands each, will finish the job four times quicker.

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6. Top to bottom
Always start at the top and work your way down, both in singular rooms and in the house. Dust and dirt will always fall from where you are cleaning, so working from top to bottom means you only have to clean things once.

7. Study
Yes, that’s right, study. Learn what cleaning products work with what surfaces, learn the best ways to clean, what to rub, what to dab and what to scrub, how much of a cleaning liquid to mix with water, the best way to get a specific stain out of your upholstery. There are endless resources online and the more you learn, the easier the job is for you to do and the cleaner your house is.

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Cleaning is a chore to most of us, but if you see yourself as a professional cleaner, see the cleaning you have to do as a job, and follow these simple steps, your cleaning will be more effective, quicker, and you never know, you might even enjoy it a little.

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