Getting Your Family Involved With The House Cleaning in Putney 02Sep 2014

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Helpful Ways to Get Your Family on Board With Cleaning

When you are looking at the domestic cleaning in Putney and thinking about how you little time you have to get it all sorted, it can be a good idea to get others involved. Many people rely on a professional cleaner to get the job done, but cleaning services can be expensive, and being locked in to a contract cleaner can be daunting; what if you were to run out of money? The fact of the matter is that many people do not utilize an often untapped reserve of labor, that comes in the form of their families! Whilst those who are reading this may well be the main cleaning person in the house, that does not mean that you should be responsible for all of it, as after all, you are not responsible for all of the mess in the house. It is important that the house is used in a way that is clean and tidy in the first place, so with that as a starting point, you should have a think about how you can move towards a more democratic cleaning situation in your home.

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If you live with someone else, and you both work, then there is no argument against splitting the cleaning equally. However, this does not mean that the cleaning should be done entirely by the person that stays at home if that is the situation that you are in. You will find that this argument can be used in some relationships, and the idea that the member of the family in Putney, SW15 that earns the money should be free of all house work is not completely legitimate. If you do stay home in the daytimes, then it is unlikely that you will be concerned about having the time to get things done, so it is more likely that you are still busy, even if you aren’t the main breadwinner. Basically, do not feel like you can’t ask for help!

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Having your other half or the kids do a proportion of the cleaning will be a lot easier if you can make it something that they will be happier to do. Getting them to dust your whole house in the SW18 region is unlikely to happen very easily or very well, as it is a long, boring process that likely lead to them getting distracted or not bothering. If you can divide up the domestic cleaning in to smaller jobs, then allocate them to each family member individually, then the jobs will seem like less work when spread over a wider space of time. You will find that the result of this is basically a chores list, but if you can sort it so that each member of the family is doing one chore per day, like cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming the carpet, then the amount of work that is sorted over the week will be a massive help for you.

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If you have more than one capable son or daughter, then you will be able to get most of the house work done with their help. If you divide the chores up so that the house work is split in to ten different jobs, and then allocate one job to each of them per day, then most of the house cleaning in Putney will be done through the week. You will obviously need to help out and do a bit yourself, to ensure that it is all done thoroughly, but in principal it is a good system. The trick is to keep each job short and easy, so that no one feels overly begrudged about getting it sorted.

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