Domestic Cleaning at Home! 26 May 2020

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Best Household Cleaning Tips

Domestic home cleaning is something we all have to do, some of us enjoy cleaning others cannot stand it but without it our homes would quickly appear run down and un cared for so its vitally important that cleaning at home is done regularly.

Day to day cleaning!

Most people tend to do normal everyday jobs such as vacuuming, dusting, washing etc and once every so often they may do a more thorough clean otherwise known as deep cleaning that is likely to include bathrooms, kitchens, carpets, upholstery etc anything that wouldn’t normally be done on a daily basis.

daily cleaning
Chemical cleaners!

Effective cleaning does require a variation of some useful products, you may need to use bleach or disinfectant for areas that are susceptible to grease and grime and also to eliminate any nasty bacteria that may be lingering around. In order to keep a home fresh, clean and as germ free as possible it’s advisable that some kind of anti-bacterial detergent is used on a regular basis.

chemical cleaning products
Eco alternatives!

These days some people prefer not to use any harmful chemicals around the home and its understandable why because young children and pets could be at risk if they were to be in contact harsh chemicals. Luckily these days we do have the option to choose how we clean our homes and there are alternative methods available such as steam cleaning which tends to be more economic and certainly safer for the wellbeing of any family. It could be that there are members of your household that suffer from certain health conditions such as asthma, or breathing difficulties? Chemical products tend to irritate or aggravate some health conditions and again opting to use a more eco-friendly product helps to lessen any affects.

eco-friendly cleaning
When to hire in cleaners?

Lots of people are opting to hire professional cleaners these days and its understandable why. Domestic cleaning companies are very beneficial for some families, for anyone who struggles to do certain tasks around the home due to a mobility problems or for those who have very little time to do any cleaning because of heavy work schedules, hiring cleaners becomes there only option. But, cleaning companies will cater for all, no matter what your circumstances are? And, because they are affordable (due to competitiveness with other companies) more and more people are taking up the opportunity to get further help with domestic chores at home now.

domestic cleaners
Easy step by step guide to domestic cleaning!

•    Daily jobs, wiping around, tidying clutter, vacuuming, dusting
•    Weekly jobs, keeping the washing load down, changing and washing bed sheets, mopping
•    Fortnightly jobs, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning including tiles and hard to reach areas.
•    Monthly jobs, A more thorough job of cleaning bathrooms, kitchens like tackling lime scale around taps and cookers, ovens, cushions covers and upholstery.
•    Quartile jobs, Windows, curtains, carpets, rugs, skirting boards, ceilings and cobweb removals etc.

floor cleaning

There is no rule when it comes to cleaning and the above suggestions are just a simple guide just to give the people some sort of idea about what we should be doing and how often we should be doing it, but having said that, many people may prefer to clean certain areas more often than what is suggested above, its personal preference really and how you prefer to go about things!

systematic home cleaning
By having a plan or some sort of rota to tackle cleaning duties at home may help you to obtain satisfactory home living standards and it could help de-stress too. You can always refer back to a plan and remember what jobs you tackled one month so that you know what to tackle the following month.

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