Creating Safe Cleaning Products and How to Use Them 26 May 2020

safe cleaning products

How Do I Make My Own Cleaning Products?

We are becoming more and more aware of the harmful chemicals that we so easily come into contact with on a day to day basis. A lot of people are choosing to go for more natural soaps, toothpastes and beauty products for a healthier life. So why shouldn’t we also change what cleaning products we use? Sprays and detergents get onto our skin and into our lungs so it’s important to make sure what we are breathing in is safe. The best part about that, is that a lot of effective cleaning products can be made easily from the items you already have in the cupboard and therefore a natural clean is a cost effective one.

-    Carpet cleaning. For the perfect carpet clean you will need 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of borax. Borax is a natural mineral often used in household cleaning and is easy to come by online or at the local supermarket. Mix the ingredients together and simply sprinkle over your carpet, let it tackle those germs and dirt for about half an hour and then vacuum it up. You can even add a few drops of essential oils for fragrance. Try tea tree for its extra cleansing benefits.

carpet cleaning

-    Oven cleaning. For that tough grime and old food that builds up in your oven you will need a bit of elbow grease. Try to scrap off as much as the old burnt food as you can, this is imagining your oven is very dirty, then sprinkle baking powder on the oven pouring a little vinegar on top. Use a white vinegar, not your best balsamic! Then switch the oven on for 5 minutes to loosen things up a little, you will find that when you get scrubbing the grease will lift a little easier. Wipe clean with warm water and rest assured that when you are breathing faster from the activity, you aren’t breathing in any nasties.

oven clean

-    Home cleaning. For all your home cleaning you will need a basic multipurpose cleaner. There are a couple of ways to do this, you can create a basic mix with a little vinegar and lemon juice that is ready to go or you can add some orange peel, with about a table spoon of salt, add your vinegar and a little water. Let it sit in a sealed container or glass jar for a week and then your solution is ready. Add one of your favorite essential oils for fragrance.

house cleaners

-    Upholstery cleaning. If you have some stains that simply won’t budge then you are going to need a good stain remover. For well established stains a great tip is to use dish soap, you can find natural dish soaps at any health stores or supermarkets just add half the soap and half water to a container and mix it up so it’s frothy. Then use a cloth to rub the mixture into the stain and rinse with water.

furniture cleaning

-    Kitchen cleaning. For kitchen cleaning you can go back to your basic lemon juice and vinegar mix. For tough lime scale try leaving the vinegar to sit for few minutes. For coffee stains or rings, use a little egg yolk and water.

kitchen cleaning
These are all great techniques to keep you and your family safe and can work in the home, but it is also great for office cleaning and your staff and clients will thank you for it. Even professional cleaners are beginning to choose the more natural options as they know they can be just effective without putting their health at risk.

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