Cleaning Advice to Keep Your Carpets in Catford in Beautiful Pristine Condition 23Jun 2015

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Best Tips to Extend The Life of Your Carpet

There’s nothing worse than owning a beautiful carpet or rug in Catford and seeing it gradually deteriorate over the years or succumb to stains or dirt, especially when there’s plenty you can do to keep it in a fantastic condition. It’s inevitable that a carpet is going to get dirty, especially if you use it for what it’s for and lay it out on your living room floor. Pets, shoes or just a gradual build-up of dirt and dust can affect your carpet’s appearance and contribute to its faded dishevelled look. A beautiful antique carpet with delicate fibres and intricate designs can turn heads, but be sure it turns heads due to its quality and not because of dirt marks or stains. Check out these top tips so that you’re aware how to take first class care of your carpet and keep it looking fabulous all year round.

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1. Give it a good old thwack!
Take your carpet outside and with a rolling pin, beat the back of the carpet a few times. This will dislodge any dirt lodged deep within the fibres and will make it easier to clean and remove from the surface.

vacuum cleaning
2. Get your vacuum cleaner out.
The easiest and quickest method of carpet cleaning inCatford, SE6 by far is to give it a vacuum clean. Read the manual that came with your vacuum cleaner and make sure that you use the correct attachment to get the best results. This method will remove dirt and dust from the surface of your carpet which may help to revitalise it by improving its colour and getting rid of that faded dirty look. For fantastic results and to give your carpet an all-round clean, vacuum its back in addition to its front, because you never know what dirt has been swept under the carpet since you last had it cleaned.

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3. Blot  liquid stains.
Blot stains and spillages as soon as you notice them. If fresh, blotting at them with a clean dry cloth should absorb most of the liquid, making it easier to remove any stains or sort out any discolouration. Gently blot the stain working your way around the edges to the middle. It’s important that you don’t just press down on the affected area, because although this may soak up some of the liquid, it may also cause the stain to spread and soak deeper into the fibres. Don’t be tempted to rub at the stain, as this will have the same effect, cause the stain to spread and make it harder to remove.

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4. Stains and spillages.
If you’ve got a deep set stain in your carpet in SE26, chances are that it can’t just be blotted away. You’ll have to get yourself some stain removal cleaners, such as powders, creams or carpet shampoos. If you can, using a powder should always be your best option, as it’s a dry product and will reduce any time spent waiting for the area to dry. Sprinkle onto the area, leave for a few hours (the longer the better!) and let it work its magic, remove the stain and eliminate residual odours before giving the area a clean with your vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Cleaners
5. Call a cleaning company and book some professional cleaners.
If you’re having no luck with your carpet cleaning, or if your carpet is in a really bad way and you’re feeling apprehensive about making things worse, call up some professional Carpet Cleaners in Catford. There are many specialist carpet cleaning companies out there in the SE6 region that possess expert knowledge and top-of-the-range equipment, so do your homework and hire a cleaning service.

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