A Step by Step Guide to Office Cleaning in Marylebone 03Jun 2015

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Office Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

It's always easy to work and get things inMarylebone done when the surroundings are clean and full of positive energy. A dirty, messy place is full of bad vibes and negative energy or as Feng Shui says – bad chi. Instead of running around finding cures for bad chi, let us take a small proactive step towards a clearer and cleaner work area! While availing professional cleaning services is always an option, office cleaning only takes a few minutes and a little effort every day.

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10 Steps for Daily and Weekly Cleaning
These 10 steps listed below will help de-clutter your working space in Marylebone, W1 and help keep it clean.
1.    Load up all the materials and equipment like brooms, vacuum cleaners, mops, rags, garbage bags, disinfectant sprays, stain removers, polish, buffers and burnishing materials as well as signs like ‘Wet Floor’ in a janitorial cart.
2.    Pick up all visible debris, including paper and dispose appropriately.
3.    Vacuum the tidied space.
4.    Wipe off spots and stains from floors, carpets, walls and furniture.
5.    Dust surfaces like desks, shelves, office chairs and filing cabinets as well as door jambs, window sills, vents and ledges.
6.    Empty trash cans and replace with fresh garbage bags.
7.    Wipe down telephones and computer terminals.
8.    Dust all hard or tiled surfaces.
9.    Wet mop all hard floor surfaces.
10.    Vacuum the carpet areas including runners and mats.
The 10 steps listed above are comprehensive. Based on individual office spaces, you can decide the weekly and daily procedures as per convenience.

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Monthly Procedure
While the basic procedures are for spaces that are regularly in use, a monthly cleanup is also suggested for other areas in your office in the NW1 region not covered in the daily or weekly cleans up. Hire a cleaning agency or contractors to do the monthly clean up. Have agencies handle specialist jobs like upholstery cleaning, sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning on a regular basis to avoid accumulation of dust.
1.    Use a disinfectant spray to clean wall mounted units like hand dryers and paper towel dispensers.
2.    Clean all vertical surfaces using all purpose cleaners.
3.    Buff and burnish hard surface floors to a nice shine.
4.    Polish all wooden furniture like desks, chairs, tables, shelves, cupboards and so on.
5.    Vacuum hard to reach surfaces including vents and overhead fans.
6.    Clean windows and glass doors.
7.    Use Carpet Cleaners and stain removers with caution and appropriate safety precautions.

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Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Procedure
Set aside a day every quarter or even half yearly according to convenience as the big cleaning day in W1. Encourage employee participation in this cleanliness drive; particularly as you do all the procedures listed in the monthly cleanup on a larger scale every 3 or 6 months. You could even divide up into groups and have a cleaning competition. However, remember to clean up all the equipment used for cleaning too. Rinse out mops and dispose of garbage bags. Replace all equipment and materials used for cleaning and ensure that all furniture is back to its original place.

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Hiring Professionals for Regular Cleaning
If you are unable to find time for these cleaning rituals, hire professional agencies in Marylebone to handle your requirements. Include cleaning of air conditioners as part of the annual clean-up. Cleaning companies offer a one stop solution for all your needs. Cleanliness is a habit that needs to be inculcated as part of your daily routine. Remember a clean and healthy office speaks for itself. Cleanliness goes hand in hand with productivity. The friendly and de-cluttered space is the first step to a successful career.

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