7 Tricks to Keep Your Bathroom Clean for Longer 26 May 2020

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How Do I Keep My Bathroom Clean All the Time?

Modern bathrooms are considered one of the most important rooms to maintain and clean regularly. A lot of people focus their efforts on keeping this area of their homes sanitised and they are willing to invest in effective cleaning methods that have been proven to always work.

Maintaining the bathroom clean is not only very important, but also very difficult to some. Since there is a great deal of chores involved, people often need to rely on a number of solutions to get the job done, varying from homemade products to commercial cleaners. Since the room is among the most high-traffic ones in your entire home, you need to stay on top of its cleaning needs and provide enough care. There are some tricks that can help you keep a bathroom clean for longer than usual that you should definitely try out. Here are some of them:

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-    Prevent build-up on your shower curtain - if you want to reduce the number of times you launder the shower curtain of your bathroom, you should apply some bleach-containing all-purpose cleaner just before you go for a shower. If you want to take on a more eco-friendly approach, you can mix white vinegar and water in a 50/50 ratio and apply that.

-    Keep moisture at minimum - in order to delay mould and mildew stains and prevent hard water deposits, you need to address the source: moisture. Since the bathroom often gets wet, you should hang a squeegee in there and use it to wipe down the walls and bath tub after each shower. You can also reduce moisture by opening a window or running the exhaust fan. Leaving the door open also helps. Taking any of these actions will greatly reduce the trouble of cleaning you need to look into for your bathroom.

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-    Keep clutter at minimum - the less clutter you keep, the less you need to worry about bathroom cleaning. This tip holds true for just about any part of your home, but it is especially valid for the bathroom since it’s generally smaller than most other rooms. Even though it is small, there is a huge amount of grime that can happen there, which is exactly why keeping the surfaces near-empty goes a long way in reducing the amount of time you spend cleaning.

-    Use towel bars, not hooks - if you want to keep your towels clean longer, it is very important to dry them as quickly as possible after each use. This is why keeping the towels on ample bars instead of hanging them on hooks and other such equipment is the way to go. Yes, bars generally take more space, but you can consider some crafty ways of implementing them in your bathroom, such as installing a bar on hooks over the door.

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-    Stash dryer sheets nearby - don’t be too quick to throw away your used dryer sheets, as long as they are in good condition. You can use them for some efficient cleaning in the bathroom. You can use them to wipe hard water deposits from your shower area, or pick up hair and dust bunnies from the floor, without the need to take out the vacuum cleaner every time you notice such problem.

-    Keep a box of disinfecting wipes nearby - being able to quickly deal with a splatter of toothpaste is essential for keeping your bathroom clean. Disinfecting wipes are great for dealing with any mess as it occurs. The longer you keep a spot, the harder it gets to effectively treat it with a stain removal method later on.

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-    Use liquid soap dispenser - keeping a bar of soap near your bathroom sink is going to save you some cleaning too. Without a grimy soap dish, there is going to be less work involved around sanitising your countertop.

Implement these smart tricks and you can expect a reduction in the time you actually spend for bathroom cleaning.

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