7 Things You May Be Forgetting to Vacuum 26 May 2020

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Surprising Places You Forget To Vacuum in Your Home

There are many places and items in your home that you may be forgetting to clean during your regular home cleaning routines. The seven items on this list are particularly often left out when people are vacuuming at their homes, but they too deserve your attention as leaving them unattended for longer periods can affect not only the cleanliness of your home but your health too. So, let’s see what you may be forgetting to vacuum during your house cleaning sprees.


Mattresses can harbour a number of harmful organisms, bacteria and dust mites. These can prove very detrimental to your health and can severely affect any pre-existing breathing problems you may have. That’s why, regular mattress cleaning is a must and you should vacuum your mattresses thoroughly every few weeks.

mattress cleaning
Shades and Blinds

Window treatments are prone to collecting dust. That can not only mar their appearance but cause respiratory issues too. Vacuum your blinds, curtains and shades at least once a month, or even more often if possible, as regular curtain cleaning can significantly improve the atmosphere in your home.

cleaning blinds
Computer Keyboard

Your computer keyboard is in constant use and your hands are not always clean when you are typing, which makes the keyboard a breeding ground for all manner of harmful bacteria. It can also collect bread crumbs and all manner of debris, so you should vacuum it on a regular basis and then wipe it with rubbing alcohol in order to disinfect it.

disinfect your keyboard

You may easily forget to vacuum and dust your windowsills. They are often out of sight, hidden behind curtains or blinds, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to getting dusty. On the contrary, windowsills can not only easily collect dust, but can become a burial ground for dead flies and bugs too. So, you should use your vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust and dirt from your windowsills. You should make that a part of your window cleaning routine.

clean windowsills
Fridge Coils

You may be wiping the front and sides of your fridge regularly and you may be cleaning its inside parts too, but fridge cleaning doesn’t end there. You should vacuum the coils at the back of your fridge too. That will not only minimise the amounts of dust circulating in your home atmosphere, but could also improve the efficiency of your fridge.

vacuum fridge coils
AC Vents

Your air conditioning system circulates air through your entire home, but it can spread dust too, if it is not cleaned properly. Pay attention to your air ducts and AC vents and vacuum them on a regular basis to prevent the spreading of dust and bacteria in your home.

clean AC vents

When you are cleaning your home, don’t neglect your cleaning tools either. After you are done using your brooms, make sure you vacuum all the dust and dirt collected on them to make them clean and ready for your next floor cleaning session.

vacuum your brooms
As you can see, vacuuming all those items and places at your home is important and should not be neglected for long periods of time. Adjust your domestic cleaning plan to include cleaning all those parts of your house and you will be able to enjoy a clean and healthy home environment without any pesky dust, dirt and bacteria posing any threats to yours and your family’s health.

7 Things You May Be Forgetting to Vacuum

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