7 Cleaning Quotes That Will Make You Laugh 26 May 2020

funny cleaning quotes

7 Funny Cleaning Quotes That will Make Your Day

Funny quotes can make your day, but relatable funny quotes will be a riot. There are things that people say about cleaning that are simply hilarious, and when you can relate to the problem, the inside joke jumps out to greet you. Laughter ensues. Such quotes about home cleaning make a home cleaner’s life much brighter and dealing with the everyday chores that much more fun, especially when they could connect some of the jokes with the activity. Just try not to ruin the cleaning by thinking too much about the jokes and not actually doing enough cleaning.

Here are some cleaning quotes to make your day.

1. “Do the cleaning by getting dirty!”
As the old saying goes, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs!” Well, it’s the same as home cleaning – in this case, you are the eggs and you can break away while making the house a nice and clean little omelette.

home cleaning

2. “Dust is like a shield against more dust and some stains!”
Does that not sound like your husband’s excuse every time you ask him to wipe the counters or the sofa? While it makes some physical sense, it’s still a lazy excuse. Get him working – he can try and be funny later!


3. “Keeping the rugs hair-free when you have pets is like trying to dry the sink while the water is running!”
That’s a pretty accurate statement. Anybody who owns a pet knows that the little scoundrel will follow you around and shed fur while you are actually picking its fur from the carpet. Maybe you should find it a woolly sweater and let it do the rug and carpet cleaning!

rug cleaning

4. “Here’s the thing about chores: if you can breathe normally, you are doing something right!”
That’s the response you could get from your son when you tell him that not doing the chores is bad for his health. Some people try to grasp the logic of cleaning in a very peculiar way. Beware of that and bring order as soon as you see a glimpse of rebellion!

household chores

5. “House cleaning is healthy, yes, but so is sleeping!”
Pretty accurate, yes. Why bother with vacuuming, dusting and doing all the rest of the laborious activities when you can take a nap and not bring in dust, dirt, and all the rest of the problematic things that you have to clean later.

healthy sleep

6. “What is the point of housework? You can do it all day, but then your husband comes home and you have to start over again!”
Housewives know the difficulties of living with a couch potato. A house can be as clean as a whistle, yet one football game can be a big difference maker between its state before and its state after.

domestic cleaning

7. “Save the planet! Plant trees! Clean the reserves! Hey, can somebody help me wash the dishes too? Hello? Where did y’all go?”
People can be quite fast with the exit with the right stimuli. And, apparently, putting ‘clean’ and ‘dishes’ in a wrong order in front of your kids will have a very magical effect on them. It’s almost like a spell of disappearing.

washing the dishes

You had your laughs, now it’s time to start working. The domestic cleaning will not get itself done, after all. All these quotes have a very stingy truth behind them, but that is only what makes them funnier for people who are familiar with the situation. So when you are having a hard time house cleaning, find the funny in these quotes and know that people out there understand your pains just as well as you do.

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