5 Window Cleaning Hacks for a Shiny, Streak-Free Finish 26 May 2020

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5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Windows and Mirrors Clean

Have your windows gotten so dirty there’s hardly any light penetrating through them at all? Is your bathroom mirror so densely covered in splatters that, when you look at it, your image is blurry? Do you want a completely streak-free finish after the mirror or window cleaning but have so far failed to achieve that? Don’t worry, streak-free windows aren’t that hard to achieve, you just need to know a few secret tricks first. Let’s check those out:

1.    Prep Work Is Important

Before you take the glass cleaner out of the cupboard and start spraying, there is some prep work that has to be done first. Not all windows will be so grimy that they will require pre-treatment, but some can’t do without it. Kitchen windows and outside windows in particular can accumulate a lot of dirt that simple window cleaners can’t easily cut through. In your kitchen, cooking will result in a greasy film on your windows, whereas the outside windows are constantly subjected to the elements and can be covered in dirt and dead bugs. The bathroom mirror is another glass surface where some prep work may be needed before cleaning, as water splashes and toothpaste stains can make it quite grimy.

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Start the window cleaning in these parts of your house with a thorough rinse. For inside windows and mirrors, use a bowl of water and a rag and wipe off the dirt. For the outside ones, you can use the garden hose with a spray nozzle to hose down the dirt. Don’t worry about the streaks during this first step – the aim of the prep work is to remove the dirt and you can take care of the shiny finish later.

2.    Select Efficient Window Cleaners

Here, you have two options – store-bought and homemade cleaners. Commercial window cleaners deliver great results and they are an easy-to-use option as they don’t have any suds in them and thus don’t leave streaks behind. Homemade cleaners, on the other hand, are cheap and easy to make and you can use products you already have at home. You can easily mix a glass cleaner by combining equal parts water and vinegar and pouring the solution into a spray bottle. The advantage of homemade products is that they are nontoxic and contain no harsh chemicals. Just make sure you use distilled water, as tap water may contain mineral deposits and cause streaks.

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3.    Choose Your Rags Well

Low-lint cleaning towels are your best bet for easy and streak-free glass cleaning. Don’t be tempted to use paper towels, as they may leave a lint residue behind. Instead, use microfiber cloths or rags made of natural chamois. Scrunched up newspapers are also a fairly good option for the times when you are in a hurry and don’t have a microfiber cloth handy – don’t worry, they won’t leave ink on the glass, but make sure you don’t wipe the sills or borders with them, as the print can be transferred to their surface and stain it, especially if they are wooden.

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4.    Don’t Ever Clean Windows on a Sunny Day

If you clean your windows when the sun is shining directly on them, the cleaning solution you use on them will dry up very fast, before you’ve had the chance to wipe it off. That’s why it is best to choose a cloudy day or an afternoon when the sunlight is not falling directly on your windows so that the window clean doesn’t result in ugly streaks and you having to go through the cleaning process it all over again.

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5.    Finish the Job with a Good Buff

Even if you are extremely diligent during the window cleaning and use the most efficient tools and products, there may be the occasional streak left behind. Don’t let that spoil your mood and mar the effect of your efforts – you can easily remove any stray streaks with a good buff. Use a dry piece of cloth (microfiber is best) to buff the glass surface and remove any streaks you notice.

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Armed with these handy tricks, you can easily get immaculate and streak-free results the next time you venture out on cleaning your windows. Just invest in good equipment, choose the detergents that work best for you and put in some thought and effort into the window or mirror cleaning and you won’t have to worry about streaks anymore.

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