5 DIY Green Cleaning Products 25Sep 2015

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Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products

Having a clean home doesn’t necessarily mean that you should soak it with toxic chemicals. Today, when the environment is already under a lot of stress, finding eco-friendly methods to deal with everyday chores such as cleaning is especially important.

There are multiple natural cleaning solutions that you can utilise in your cleaning. Ditch the commercial cleaners and focus on some of the following items, if you want to keep your home clean without compromising the health of your family and the quality of the air you breathe inside:

- Vinegar – the reputation of vinegar is without a question quite favourable. It has earned the title of champion among the all-purpose cleaners. Normally, vinegar is used by mixing it with water in a spray bottle and working with that around your home to bring disinfection and restoration to dirty areas. There is nothing better to use for your bathroom. The tub, sink, shower fixtures and countertops can all shine thanks to this green cleaning product. You can spray a piece of cloth with this solution and use it to clean appliances along with countertops in the kitchen. One more use you may have never considered is that vinegar can be used as fabric softener. Do remember, however, that vinegar has an acidic component, which makes using it on tile grout and marble risky. One more possible side effect of using vinegar is that it leaves a distinctive odour, which will likely require you to ventilate the room.

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- Baking soda – the main benefits of home cleaning with baking soda are that it’s non-toxic, it can be used in many areas in your home and it is cheap and available at all times. Baking soda can be used for a variety of cleaning purposes in the kitchen: from effective oven cleaning, which many other products struggle with, to sanitising the trash bin area. Accidents often occur in the kitchen, and it is by using baking soda that you can solve the negative effects of them. For example, burnt-on food will easily come off from the bottom of pots and utensils, if you sprinkle with soda and add hot water. For grease spills, simply sprinkle some baking soda and wipe with a damp cloth. This product is great for eliminating unpleasant odours, such as from smoking, pets, spills drinks and more.

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- Lemon juice – lemon juice can not only be used to drink in the form of lemonade or add some to your fish meal, but also makes for an effective household cleaning tool! You can add some to your laundry in place of bleach to not only whiten clothes better, but also add a fantastic scent. You can use it in the bathroom to clean the shower doors, shine chrome faucets and sanitise the toilet. Lemon juice makes a great addition to your dishwashing detergent and can also be used as furniture polish.  

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- Rubbing alcohol – the thing about this product is that you will not find it in the cleaning isle of your local supermarket, but instead somewhere among the first-aid products of your drug store. This cleaning solution normally consists of isopropyl alcohol and denatured alcohol. You can use it to effectively disinfect areas of your home. It is an amazing tool for window cleaning and you can also use the solution to remove hairspray from tiles and mirrors. If you love shiny sinks and chrome faucets, rubbing alcohol is the product for you. It is also the weapon of choice against permanent marker and ink stains. For all computer geeks, rubbing alcohol is one of the most effective products for mouse and keyboard cleaning.

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- Essential oils - essential oils are usually quite strong, and one-two drops of them are enough. You can use them in your green cleaning routine for various purposes. They make great disinfectant for combs, brushes and practically any item you use often. For floor cleaning, you can apply a few drops of tea-tree oil on tough stains and wipe off for clean and shiny surfaces. Essential oils are also great for sanitising toilets and bathrooms, as well as windows.

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Use these green recipes as part of your routine and you will find out just how effective they are. Stop using dangerous chemicals as that is no longer necessary – you have a viable green alternative now.

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