A Quick Guide To Getting Your Carpets in Camden Looking Perfect 13Feb 2014

carpet cleaning

Easy Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking Gorgeous

When it comes to domestic cleaning in Camden, you will often find that there are certain parts of the house that only get a quick going over. In many houses across the United Kingdom, people have a large portion of their floors fully carpeted, which means that the floor will get not a lot more than a vacuuming every few days. Whilst this is fine, the reality of the situation is that there is a lot that vacuuming cannot remove from the pile; from set in dirt that you can’t really see, to stains from spillages that you thought would never come out! Having your carpets cleaned properly can be a real eye opener, as the color difference that can come of a carpet being dirty can be really quite surprising. If you have never had your carpets cleaned in any other way than vacuuming, then you are in for a treat, as the removal of a lot of dust or dirt may reinvigorate the carpet to a point that it becomes brighter and more vibrant.

carpet shampoo

When you first look into cleaning your carpet, you will likely realize that there are large price differences between the various methods. The cheapest by far is to shampoo your carpet yourself, with a can of carpet shampoo that can be bought form many places, including the local supermarket in Camden, NW1. It can be good to make carpet cleaning a part of your domestic cleaning routine, so think about picking some of this stuff up to see how well it works for you. The foam is applied to the pile, and you can then scrub it in with a sponge or a brush. Be careful with how rough you are in scrubbing the foam in, as being too rough can result in ripping the fibers form the pile. Once the whole area that you want clean is scrubbed over, you simply leave the foam to dry and vacuum it out. The main issue with home shampooing your carpet is that the residue can sometime get sticky and stay in the pile, making it dirty again rather quickly.

steam carpet cleaning

Having your carpet professionally shampooed is another option available in the N1 area, which may well have better results, but if you are going to pay for someone to come over to do the job, you may as well look in to steam carpet cleaning, or dry cleaning. Steam cleaning is actually known as ‘hot water extraction’ carpet cleaning, because the process involves blasting hot water in to the carpet, then almost simultaneously extracting it. This vigorous process is extremely effective at removing dirt with both the pressure and the heat of the water. However, there have been instances of a little too much water being left in the pile, which can lead to damp and mould if you re unlucky. Ensure that you are dealing with a trained professional in Camden if you go down this route.

dry carpet cleaning

Dry cleaning is much like the process involved in dry cleaning clothing. Admittedly no one really knows what happens at the dry cleaners, and this is mainly because the process is quite hard to explain. A dry compound is spread over the carpet, and then mixed with a small amount of solution. The reaction between the two draws dirt from the fibers, and traps it in the compound, ready to be vacuumed out, much like the shampoo. This process is extremely effective, but much like dry cleaning clothes, is pretty expensive.

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