Hiring Help For Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning In Acton 16Apr 2015

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End of Tenancy Cleaning: Your Checklist to a Spotless House

If you live around the Acton area and you've come to the end of your tenancy, you're probably wondering how to leave the best impression behind! After all, after all your packing and sorting, the place probably looks like a good ol' mess and you know you are far too tired to clean it. So what do you actually do? You contemplate trying to clean it yourself; however, you know that the best solution is to hire a company to be able to help you do this. Finding a good company based in the W3 area is a charm when you know how to hire the right company to help you! However, what if you have never hired an end of tenancy cleaning company before? You're probably wondering where to begin from! We have put together a short guide that can help you outline how to go about this process and have your soon-to-be previous place cleaner than a whistle!

home cleaning tasks
•    Make a list of all the cleaning that you need. The easiest way to do this is by writing down a moving checklist. It becomes a little arrogant to think that you would be able to remember everything, especially during a large house move. Once you have a checklist, it becomes easier to organise everything in order. It solves a lot of headache and hassle having it all arranged prior to the cleaners showing up.

tenancy cleaning budget
•    Establish a budget for your hire. Hiring an end of lease cleaning company can be affordable, especially if you shop around. There is nothing worse than thinking of hiring a company, booking them and then realising that you do not have the money for it. Also, shopping around gives you the best possible price without overextending yourself. Moving house is already very expensive with all your solicitors' and estate agent fees involved, let alone anything else.

cleaning company quote
•    Ensure that the quote that you receive is valid for 30 days from the day it is quoted as well as inclusive of VAT. Most companies choose to apply VAT separate from their original quote, giving you quite the sticker shock at the end. Your move out cleaning should not hold any nasty surprises for you, so it is imperative to always have your cleaning in Acton done in a manner that is completely transparent!

choose a date
•    Once you are happy with the quote from your cleaning company covering the W12 region, you should be free to go ahead and book them for a time and date. It is best to book a company in advance, rather than leaving it down to the last minute. It is good preparation and you would know when to move everything out, or into one room to have your place cleaned adequately.

payment methods
•    Make sure that you find out how the company choose to accept payment. Is it through cash or do they prefer credit card payments? Also, find out if they want upfront payment or they prefer you pay the staff once you are done. Finding out these crucial details about the cleaning services you choose to hire is very important.

legitimate cleaning agency
•    Lastly, ensure that the company you are choosing to do business with is legitimate and trustworthy. Sadly, there are a lot of companies that do not uphold ethics and will disappear with your money. Do your background research on them, before proceeding.

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