Five Steps to Tackle Spring Cleaning in West Kensington 20Dec 2013

spring cleaning

Easy Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Every year come spring in West Kensington, we will want to reinvigorate our life. This can be done in several ways, such as buying new clothes, decorating the house differently, taking up a new hobby, looking for a new job and more. It is almost cliché, but spring cleaning can be one of the best ways to do this. Going through your home and tidying up, removing dust and stains, as well as throwing away unwanted items can make your abode seem like an entire new place and can make it a much more enjoyable place to be. Managing a thorough clean of your entire abode can be tough but if you know what step stop make it can be simple, so read on for five important actions to take.

cleaning plan

The first step is planning. Having schedule in place will allow you to organise when each task and room should be seen to, and will enable you to commit enough time to the task without it taking time away from other aspects of your life. With this in place, you will also not rush any task or forget to do anything. Use this to assign chores to other members of your household so the work is broken up and will go faster.

stock up on supplies

Next, you should stock up on everything you need before you begin. Purchase a large quantity of paper towels, cloths, dusters and polish, mops, brooms, plastic bags and more until you have everything you need for each task. With all this, you can perform each chore fully and to a high quality, ensuring that everything is spick-and-span and sanitary. Detergents can be used for great results, though must be utilized safely. You may already have baking soda and white vinegar in stock, but if not purchase some because they can be used to remove stains and smells.


The third step is getting rid of old goods, which is an important aspect of spring cleaning. You will want to get rid of as much stuff as possible in order to reduce clutter, make more room in your home in West Kensington, W14, or replace things with new items. You should go through all of your belongings in each room and determine whether you want such items. Try not to get too attached to items, because there is snooping holding onto goods that are old and useless. Also, try not to get distracted by old items as you work, because you could find yourself reminiscing about them, or reading, playing watching them, etc.

donate unwanted goods

Once you have your unwanted goods you have to get rid of them. The fourth step is to work out where they should go throwing things away is a simple enough solution and if you find you have too many goods to put in with your usual litter collection in the W8 region, then hire a skip. Recycling should be considered because you can get rid of items through a regular pick up, local recycling bins or at a nearby depot. Consider donating goods to charity stores if they are in decent condition, as well as selling them or gifting them to interested friends or family members.

house cleaning

The last step of spring cleaning is to give every inch of your home in West Kensington a thorough clean. You will have the time and resources to do this if you followed the other steps, and many items will be out of the way, allowing you to reach ever corner. Vacuum, wipe, polish, scrub, sanitise and more until your home is immaculate and refreshed.

Spring cleaning can be a lot of work but if you follow these five steps then it will be simple.

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