5 Cleaning Factors To Consider When You Have Builders In Your Home in Battersea 23May 2014

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Easy Steps to Get Your Home Clean and Dust-free after Renovation

When you are thinking about how you are going to get the place looking great once the builders have finished their work on your home in Battersea, you need to separate the series of different factors that will come in to play out in to a logical order that you can knock off your list one by one. Failure to do so will likely put you at risk of ending up in a pickle, as you may well forget to safe guard against one thing, whilst ensuring that everything is on a checklist will mean that you are completely confident of your moves as they get made. Have a look over the following factors to really get a good idea as to how you are going to tackle each issue.

cleaning builders dust

Dust is one of the main issues that people face when they are getting building work done. You will find that even the lightest building work can result in huge amounts of dust, as everything from drilling, to sawing via sanding will produce dust that will get in to every nook and cranny in your house in Battersea, SW11. Protecting against dust and cleaning it after the work is done is difficult, but it can be done. You should ensure that all openings between the area that is being worked on and the rest of the house are sealed off with plastic sheeting, and that dust sheets are put down and left in place for the duration of the works.

paint removal

Paint can get splattered everywhere, no matter how careful your building team are. You will likely find that it is only fine spray from a slightly over loaded roller, or a couple of drips form a paint brush. However, if they are not dealt with quickly and efficiently, then the stains can set in place and be really tough to remove easily. Hard flooring can be a tough one, as removing the paint may need a scraper, and that will result in scratching the surface of the wood, and you will find that it needs to be done professionally.

after builders cleaning

Dirt can be dragged through your house in the SW8 region by the builders, as they will need to keep their boots on whilst working. If it is wet outside, or you are particularly worried about the dirt that could be brought through then you should look in to getting plastic sheeting put down on the walkways between the areas that the builders will be in and the outside. This will prevent a great deal of cleaning later on.

removing scratches

Getting rid of scratches in the floor or walls should be the job of the builders, but if you have a small scratch in the wood somewhere, then you may find that it is left unnoticed by the company. Having them come round to sort it all out again can be an issue, and you will find that it can just be easier to have a go at polishing the mark out by yourself. Be sure to use the same polish as you always have, and perhaps this is a sign that keeping a tin of stainer in your house in Battersea is a good idea!

odour removal

Building work can leave behind a smell, and if it is one that lingers beyond their cleaning, then you will likely have an issue with dust, rather than anything more problematic. A thorough hoover and dusting of the area that was built up will likely get rid of it, and if not then try sprinkling baking soda around the area. It will absorb most smells with ease.

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